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Water Vari-Weight Block options up to 1400kg

Water Vari-Weight Block options up to 1400kg

Our WATER VARI-WEIGHT model looks just like our standard front linkage model and has the additional option of a variable weight feature achieved with a fixed base weight and a water fill. Available in 3 different weight bands.

  • 700kg base weight with max fill to 1000kg
  • 850kg base weight with max fill to 1250kg
  • 1000kg base weight with max fill to 1400kg

The rear of the weight is fitted with a top inlet and lower outlet ‘bung’ for filling and emptying the weight as required. During manufacture, this model undergoes pressure testing to ensure there are no leaks.

NOTE: In the colder months, this model requires anti-freeze adding to the water fill or emptying of water completely, to prevent damage caused to the outer casing by freezing temperatures.



  • Contrasting colour coding in most standard tractor colours
  • Personal name plate (text or simple design)
  • Fixed amber side marker LEDs
  • Grease gun holder
  • Hi-Vis chevron decals in yellow & black, red & white or Chapter 8
  • Centre marker rod
  • Shackle points for light use.

PERSONALISATION OPTIONS (at additional cost):

  • Limited edition or metallic paint shades
  • Fixed white LEDs
  • Amber flashing LEDs
  • Back-lit name plate
  • Laser cut company logos
  • Bumper bar
  • Stainless steel name plate
  • Isolator switch (for turning off amber flashing LEDs)
  • Alternative colour, name plate backing plates
  • Other bespoke additions to suit individual requirements


All manuals and brochures are in PDF format.