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Min-Dis Grass

Min-Dis Grass

  • 625mm leg spacings.
  • Flat roller and drive teeth as standard which can be water filled for additional ballast
  • Shoulders create drainage channels and drive teeth penetrate the channel bottom to allow for water and nutrient ingress.
  • Easily replaceable stub axels
  • Easy clean scraper bar system
  • Fitted with our Snap-Bar leg protection.
  • LED rear lights with 7 Pin Plug.
  • Reflective chevron boards.
  • Available in 2.5M.

Optional Extras

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Minimum Disturbance, grassland subsoiler

The Min-Dis Grass, 4-leg, minimum disturbance grassland subsoiler is designed to eliminate compaction and address the detrimental effects generated by livestock and other mechanical processes on our grass and pasture land, including water logging/flooding, poor quality grass and delays to spring operations such as fertiliser, muck and slurry spreading, harrowing and grazing/forage delays.

Not all Grassland Subsoilers are the same, the Min-Dis Grass has several innovative features to make the process more efficient.


DISC UNITS:  4 x 460mm serrated straight cutting discs cut through the sward to allow the following, low disturbance leg and point with narrow angled wings to pass through the sub-soil with minimum disturbance to the top surface.   

DISC BAR: Independently height adjustable

MAIN FRAME: Designed for easy access to replace Snap-Bars and points without having to crawl under the frame.

WORKING WIDTH: 2.5m as standard. 

LEGS: 20mm Hardox at 625mm centres cultivate the sub soil causing a pan shattering effect up to 300mm deep across the width of the machine, allowing for improved drainage, aeration, nutrient/oxygen infiltration and improved root growth – all with minimum disruption to the surface layer

ROLLER:  Flat roller with drive teeth effectively closes the opening cut made by the leading disc and leg and can be water filled for additional ballast if required to leave a consolidated and level finish. Easily replaceable stub axles are fitted throughout our range of packers

SCRAPERS: Easy clean scraper bar system allows for quick and easy displacement of soil and other organic matter from the scrapers for a cleaner operation all round.

DEPTH CONTROL: Hydraulic depth control as standard also means that no stands are required when removing cultivator from tractor.

SHEAR OPTIONS: available with our Snap-Bar leg protection or auto-reset leg protection.

ROAD LIGHTS: LED rear lights and reflective chevron boards.

Optional Extras