Swath Roller


PLEASE NOTE: Transport box is not water/dust tight




by Agriweld


Designed for compressing the swath to assist with baling. 

The design allows the storage box to be attached to and detached from the 3 point linkage swath roller frame so the 3 point linkage frame model can be used with and without the transport box. The transport box can be purchased and fitted to the existing 3 point linkage swath roller at a later date if not required immediately. 

All models include the following features as standard:

  • Colour coding in most standard tractor colours (metallic or special edition colours may incur additional cost) PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO PRODUCE THE JOHN DEERE GREEN AND YELLOW COLOURWAY
  • Personalised name plate (text or simple design, company logos may incur additional cost) on Transport Box model PLEASE NOTE WE ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO PRODUCE THE FENDT OR JOHN DEERE LOGO NAME PLATE
  • Hi-vis chevron stickers on Transport Box model
  • Fixed side amber LEDs

PLEASE NOTE: The Swath Roller Transport Box is not water/dust tight.


  • Fixed white LEDs
  • Amber flashing LEDs
  • Isolator switch for multiple LEDs
  • Name plate with backlit LEDs
  • Bumper Bar
  • Stainless steel name plate
  • Grease gun holder
  • Centre marker rod 


Image Gallery: 
Swath roller transport box
3PL 1m wide swath roller
3PL swath roller 1m wide