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Design And Skills

Efficiency, simplicity and innovation are always at the forefront of all our designs, and we are constantly thinking up new ways to do things.

Technology plays a large part in our design work. By using "Solid Works" computer software we can achieve working products on our computer screen before we have even thought about cutting any steel! Back in 1992 it was a very different process.


Back in 1992, all we had to work with was paper drawings and templates, which was very time consuming and inaccurate. Our first profile cutter used paper drawings and a magic eye, we never had two components the same! Manufacturing was difficult but we stuck with it and progressed to better equipment as we grew.

It all seems a long time ago now, and we are very proud to have come such a long way, since those early years.

The Original Quickshift was the first product we designed and manufactured and has proved to be very popular and is still going strong over 25 years later! The Quickshift range has now expanded to four products; the Original Quickshift, the Basic Quickshift, the Quickshift Plus and the Fixedshift. 


Our dedicated team of welders are coded in accordance with: ISO 9606-1

Our welding procedures are approved in accordance with: ISO 15614-1. Provided by ISO 9001 accredited company Magna Inspections. 


We are proud to be able to offer Apprenticeships to school leavers who show they have the desire, commitment and potential to become a member of our valued team. Those students who have already graduated are progressing well into their careers with Agriweld and furthering their education with other courses. 

We currently have four apprentices within Agriweld, studying Level Three Fabrication and Welding Apprenticeship.